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Written and Narrated by Cate Montana.

One of the most powerful things you can do is a personal clearing of your own energy field. The following is an energetic clearing that Robin Duda, the soul alchemist I've been working with from Santa Fe, New Mexico, has supplied.

This invocation uses words, voice, and movement to help clear and energize body, soul and personal will, uniting them. In this process you will be calling on your Multidimensional Self to more firmly embody on Earth and more deeply connect with love as your Source, thus supporting freedom and personal intentions.

Working with body movement and the voice together connects you to the awareness of positive, pleasurable sensations—sensations that are instinctual when you move in dance, ceremony, and celebration, alone or with others.

Soul Alchemy Empowerment Process

This clearing addresses that which is not loving or serving you at this time—including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual influences that have controlled or limited your own light and/or authenticity.

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The purpose is to help you firmly claim this life in your body, empower you to feel your own power and truth, and enable you to bring all of your gifts into form to serve Love and take your next evolutionary steps in life.

Your Multidimensional Self reveals itself through a wide range of manifestations—different colors, images, frequencies, strange sensations, heart opening, unexplained promptings and attractions. Your Multidimensional Self has many gifts, and is evolving right along with your human body.

Step 1: Address and clear negative interference

To address and clear negative interference in your own energy field, you can start off either laying down or sitting.

  • Connect with your breath and your body sensations, opening up to an awareness of your inner landscape.

  • Take a few minutes to ground into your body and connect.

  • Place your attention on your heart center and focus on anything you are grateful for. This will help your heart open and allow you to sense that opening through loving sensations.

Now, when you're ready, stand up.

  • Reach your arms above your head about shoulder length apart. From the awareness of your heart, feel the fullness of your chest and say out loud:

    "From the power of One Love that I am, I invoke my multi-dimensional soul and my Source in my body. I welcome all that I am to come home in present time."

  • Now, move your body any way that opens and releases tension. Shake, jiggle, jump, circle your arms ... whatever is spontaneous and energizing. Do this as long as you feel you should. This builds up your energy body.

Now, when you're ready, speak with clarity and strength:

  • "I call forth the power of love from this Earth and Source-Spirit to unite in my body, in my heart. I claim my right to my Sovereign Self. Love is my greatest power."

Repeat as many times as you feel moved to do so while directing your awareness inward as you speak. Your voice is your will choosing and claiming your heart's desire.

Now, say out loud:

"I release all projections from family, work, lovers, friends, clients, (etc.) that are in my field."

With your breath and movement, push out anything that is intruding into you energetically.

When you feel clear, next say:

"I release all mind control from media, technology, educational systems, political systems (etc.) that are suppressing my own thoughts and inspirations."

With your breath and movement, push these energies out through the top of your head and clap around your body while you keep moving.

When you feel clear, say aloud:

"I bless free all astral energies that are not mine that are attached to my denied fear or emotions. I bless any one else's emotions that I have taken on and I send them back to their own source."

"I release all entities and forces from known and unknown sources wishing me harm. I release everything that is not loving for me, and send them back to their own source."

"I release any forms of control over my will of love and my power, and send them back to their own source."

When you feel clear, give thanks to Earth and your Multidimensional Self and feel the Love and your own Soul's essence filling you up.

Take your time and feel the love. Bask in feeling connected to life and aligned with the Life Force that is you.

I do this basic clearing almost every day.

Step 2: Acknowledge your shadow material

We all have perceived faults and flaws we keep hidden out of shame and guilt and pride. It helps considerably to stop weighing yourself down with judgment and guilt over having shadow material in the first place. That just overlays existing issues with more issues, making healing more difficult.

Step 3: Don't create negative conditions

This is a toughie—at least it has been for me: Don't create the conditions where negative forces can enter in the first place.

But here goes: Stop drinking alcohol (or at least cut way back). And definitely stop doing drugs—including marijuana. Substances, including prescription pharmaceuticals for depression and anxiety, throw open the door for dark energetic influences to penetrate you physically, psychically, emotionally and mentally.

I'm not being a goodie-two-shoes here. I've been there, done it. My parents were alcoholics and I started drinking at age sixteen. I've also done a lot of different drugs and plant medicines over the course of my life. In my teens and twenties, I was just stupid and into recreational use.

From my thirties onwards I used plants and plant medicines as an aide to "waking up." So, I haven't got anything against any of these things. But having worked with a few genuine shamans (not the dime-a-dozen New Age wannabees that everywhere on the market nowadays), I know how dangerous it is for most people to use plant medicines for spiritual insight without true deep  professional guidance and oversight to ensure that they do not come under the influence of dark entities in the process.

If you feel truly pulled to work with plant medicines, I provide a list of authentic shamans that can be trusted in the resources section of my book (Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom).

And now, let's talk about alcohol.

A friend of mine from my early spirituality days was extremely psychic. He told me several times that if I could actually see the entities hanging around outside and inside the bars and see what was hanging on to the people who were drinking, that I'd never go inside another bar or ever drink again.

I believed him. But it didn't change my drinking habits.

Booze was my drug of choice.

I stopped every once in a while—sometimes for years at a stretch—usually because some spiritual teacher advised it. But then I started back again. I'm currently disengaging my love affair with alcohol for the umpteenth time—not because I think I "should" or because "It's bad for me." Not even because it opens a doorway for what I term, and what the Greeks used to call. the Archons interdimensional beings to enter --these negative interdimensional beings.

I've quit regular use of all substances because I want something different. And I can't get to different by doing same.

Coming clear, I can finally see the possibility of something new. I can feel a new life filled with love and excitement and creativity building inside and around me.

So, if you're drinking a lot or using drugs every day, I suggest you ask yourself, "Why?"

I did it because I liked how alcohol made me feel, and I liked the taste. I did it also because I was bored and tapped out at the end of the day. I was mentally exhausted and overwhelmed by everything happening in the world.

Finally, all alcohol did was make me go numb. And then numb was just fine too.

A human being can only bear so much.

But feeling numb and distracted is no longer okay with me.

There's light, not just at the end of a long tunnel, but a light shining right here inside my heart. I can feel it coming clear. My mind and body and my whole being are quivering with possibility. It's a new frequency. A new way. A new day. Truly, truly, we cannot get to different by doing the same.

Action Vibe: Get Real and Get Going

It's a radically different vibe than all the empty New Age rainbows and unicorn visions I chased after in the past.

This is an honest-to-God, down-to-earth action vibe. The fact that you're reading this says you've also reached the "get real and get going" part of your life journey. So, yay you! The ugly old reality is on its way out. Rapidly.

I know it doesn't look like it, I know. But it is.

When I switched careers from television production to writing for a living, a long time ago, I worked in construction as a framing carpenter, building houses for a few years to make ends meet. I also did a lot of renovation work.

It wasn't lost on me that renovative construction was a lot like the descent to the underworld and the dark night of the soul that so many mystics have written about. There was destruction and a lot of swinging of sledgehammers. There was horrific noise and choking dust. There was unbelievable mess and chaos. There was even blood when I failed to engage prybar and claw hammer correctly or didn't carefully watch my step.

But once the walls were down and the detritus cleared away there was room for a clean fresh start. There was spaciousness and opportunity and room for creativity and imagination. There was a clear platform upon which a whole new structure could be built. And what joy lay in the building!

This Is Where We Are Today

As citizens of Earth, we know the old house we built isn't serviceable anymore.

Millions of people work daily, creating new plans and blueprints. Malcontents and revolutionaries do their best to destroy old constructs. Visionaries speak of their visions. Social architects make the translations. Millions of us pray for and support change. The permits have already been issued and stamped in our souls.

The wrecking crews are hard at work in this world today.

The Old Heaven and Earth are being razed to the ground as it was always foretold. For we are in the midst of the dust and chaos and blood of destruction.

But our future ... Oh! Our future is bright indeed.

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Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom
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